New Projects from The ROSES Collection from RED ROOSTER

New Projects from The ROSES Collection from RED ROOSTER

For those of you who are looking for a beautiful boost of Spring and even Summer Fever..these stunning fabrics from RED ROOSTER will do just that…

QUESTION: What do you get when you take these 5 fabrics and be creative?

ANSWER: You’re going to see later today :)

I took these 2 stunning digital prints from the ROSES collection and used them in 2 fun and exciting projects….and you’ll be amazed how you can get two very different looks and styles with the same fabrics…..

There’s a beautiful BAROQUE Styled Table Runner that’s waiting to be displayed as a wonderful accent piece on a prominant dining or side table; and then there’s this Dreamy COUNTRY FRENCH Bed Runner that’s longing to adorn a guest room at the Country Cottage….

The Runners are complete and I have been working on the binding for these in between other projects; but I am aiming to have the last binding stitches finished today so that I can share them with you.


The Free pattern downloads for these will be available soon from P&B TEXTILES via their website, so that you can make your own beautiful runners and enjoy these fabrics just as much as I have!!!!

Happy Stitching everyone… Stay tuned for the RUNNER REVIEW later today!!!!! ;)

2 thoughts on “New Projects from The ROSES Collection from RED ROOSTER

  1. Yvonne Link
    February 1, 2019

    Do you have anymore of the panels. You are my sunshine in stock? If so what is the price. Thank you for your help

    1. admin
      February 4, 2019

      Hi Yvonne,
      The YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Collection is on reorder – now waiting for the warehouse to get them in stock to send along to me. You can reserve 1 if you wish and I’ll get in touch when they arrive.. the price is $11.50 CDN$.
      Wishing you a great day,


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