Lecture, Trunk Show, Workshop Guidelines
2020/2021 Fees in Canadian/U.S. Currency

Lecture/Trunk Show – $295.00
1 Day workshop  – $425.00
2 Day workshop  – $725.00
* Up to 25 students/class.  (negotiable)
(based on adequate classroom space)
* All students must purchase their own pattern for the confirmed workshop.

For short distance travel, I will drive to the event.
Travel cost calculated at the Government rate of 54* per km for the first 5,000 kilometres driven; and 48* per km driven after that.
For long distance travel, all travel arrangements are to be discussed between myself and the guild/shop to confirm all travel dates, method of travel, etc.  Upon confirmation, Economy Air travel and ground travel arrangements at destination are to be arranged by the guild/shop.   (For airline seats, Aisle/Forward preferred).  Baggage allowance to include 2 checked baggage for Domestic flights, 1 for International.
For air travel, airport parking in Montreal will be the responsibility of the guild as well as travelling meal expenses based on the government rate of $17.00/Meal.

Accommodations during workshop:
Private room in a hotel/motel/retreat centre.   Meal allowance above applies unless meals are provided by guild/shop.
(Restaurant services must be available in or near the hotel)

Note:  It is possible for a quild/shop to work with another local quild/shop to piggyback for a 2nd engagement during the visit in order to be able to share the travel/accommodation costs.
Based on the hours of a workshop, it may be necessary to arrive a day before and depart the day after; these extra days need to be considered for travel/accommodations, etc.

Upon confirmation of a Lecture, Trunk Show or Workshop date, a contract will be submitted by myself or the host, and must be signed by both parties.

Workshop cancellations require the mutual agreement of both parties (Host Guild/Shop and Teacher), and cancellation must be confirmed more than 30 days before the confirmed workshop date.

Cancellations made by the host within 30 days or less before the event will result in a charge of 50% of the total workshop fee.

Cancellation made 14 days or less will result in a charge of the total workshop fee.