We`ve just started the exciting `TOSCANA CLUB`here at the STUDIO!!!

The First shipment went out on July 1st….but you can join at any time….and collect the past and current and shipments….here`s how the TOSCANA CLUB works:

You all know how much I love each and every Toscana color – the quality of the fabric, the color tones, the prints…just delicious, delicious, delicious!!!
So….I have been working to try to find a way to make more of the Toscana available to you with a low investment; yet maximize the amount of Toscana you have to play with in your projects….and hence, I’m launching…..
Toscana has 135 beautiful colors….I am very fortunate to have all 135 colors in my personal stash for working on design projects…and let me tell you – every time I fumble through the stack of colors to chose something for a project…there’s never a problem to find something to coordinate with everything I want to do. It’s just the cat’s meow when it comes to a tonal collection…and the beauty about it is that it’s an ongoing collection – not here for just one season.
So, how does the TOSCANA CLUB work?
Each month, I will select 10 new colors of Toscana – 1/2 meter x each color for just $78.95 (includes tax and shipping to anywhere in Canada… (US$67.95 includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.)
In 13-1/2 months, you’ll have all 135 beautiful Toscana colors in your own personal stash. How wonderful is that.
Shipments will take place about the 1st of each month, starting July 1, 2018.
You can cancel your commitment at any time provided that you cancel at least 3 weeks before the next scheduled shipment.
The Beauty about the club is that you get to sample more colors in this beautiful fabric and perhaps discover a perfect color for an upcoming project. And, let me tell you from experience, a Toscana stash is a worthy stash to play with and cut from….totally awesome..I LOVE MINE!!!
I will be working on some new designs for projects, blocks, etc. over the duration of the program that will be just for the Toscana Club participants and will be included in your shipments.
There will also be some surprise gifts and offers throughout the program that will be exclusive to the club members.
If this is something that you’d like to be a part of, just leave a comment here or send an email to bill@studiobilllocke.com and put “TOSCANA CLUB” in the subject line.
The STUDIO BILL LOCKE – TOSCANA CLUB will make for happy stitching indeed!!!! Be sure to join!