QUILT CANDY VIRTUAL TRUNK SHOW – Day 3 – Friday, April 03rd

And the fun and sharing continues – with another group of designers on today’s list…be sure to check them out from 12noon – 8 p.m. EST today….

12pm Darcy Hunter www.facebook.com/darcydoodlequilts
1pm Teresa Weaver www.facebook.com/yoursewingfriend
2pm Annette Ornelas https://www.facebook.com/southwind.designs/
3pm Jo Westfoot – The Crafty Nomad www.facebook.com/thecraftynomad
4pm Lynn Kane https://facebook.com/puppygirllynn
5pm Geeky Bobbin https://facebook.com/geekybobbin
6pm – No Trunk Show
7pm Laura Strickland https://m.facebook.com/orangeblossomquilt/
8pm Jen Frost https://www.facebook.com/FaithAndFabric/


Time to grab a cuppa of your favorite beverage; something appropriates for the morning! LOL and watch a new group of designer friends share their fun creations with you via FACEBOOK LIVE

Each day I’ll be posting the day’s list of designers with links to their Facebook pages so that you can click on the links and join in with ease – nothing to looking for – just click on the links that you’ll find here in my blog post.

From April 1 through April 10 12pm EST to 8pm EST, different quilters will present 15 minute trunk shows to you live from their Facebook accounts!  How exciting is that?  See some old favorites, and find some new ones

On today’s agenda we have 7 Designers from 12 noon til 6 p.m.:

Here is the schedule of events – so mark your calendar!

12pm EST Lisa Ruble https://www.facebook.com/LoveToColorMyWorld/
1pm EST Beth Helfter Www.facebook.com/EvaPaigeQuiltDesigns
2pm EST Diane Bohn/From Blank Pages https://facebook.com/fromblankpages
3pm EST Deb Eggers/the cottage rose https://www.facebook.com/cottagerosequilt/
4pm EST Heidi Pridemore/The Whimsical Workshop https:/www.facebook.com/thewhimsicalworkshop
5pm EST Kate Colleran https://www.facebook.com/SeamsLikeaDreamQuilts/
6pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis https://www.facebook.com/tamarinis/

Enjoy everyone!!!!


Tomorrow will be our 4th tutorioal for the “STITCHER’S TRIO” Project…. we discussed the apron pocket a little today – but I will do a recap of this in tomorrow’s tutorial.

I wanted to be able to give you the template for the shape of the pocket – you don’t need to advance to this point if you are unsure – I will start tomorrow’s tutorial with making the pocket – and adding the pocket to your apron an be a part of tomorrow’s homework after the tutorial.


Once we review the apron pocket, we’ll move on to assembling our PROJECT PORTFOLIO..this is going to be a lot of fun!!!!!

See you at 11 a.m. EST tomorrow (Montreal/New York) (8 a.m. Pacific, 12:30 p.m. Newfoundland).

Happy Stitching Everyone!


Happy Stitching everyone!

“STITCHER’S TRIO” – Tutorial Bonus – Adding your apron straps

Step 1 – raw edge of straps is placed along edge of apron – on the back side of the apron.
Pin in place.
Step 2 – From the right side of the apron, stith-in-the-ditch in the binding seam, though all layers, the width of the strap – to stitch strap in place.
Trim the raw edge of the strap close to the seam.
Flip the strap over the seam towards the outside of the apron, allow the strap to cover the stitching and raw end of the strap.
Stitch though all layers in the mid-point of the binding – as shown by the tip of the scissors in this photo.
This will anchor the strap in place and hide the raw end of the strap.
Follow this procedure for all straps


Seriously, now how wonderful is this – 10 days of quilt shows brought to you in the comfort of your home, to inspire, to get your mind facing along the thoughts of fabrics and thread and fun sewing!

Well, if you are in the sewing slumps – and need a little kick in the sewing behind to you back to the sewing machine, perhaps this is just what you need.

A wonderful bunch of my quilty designer friends and myself invite you enjoy our series of TRUNK SHOWS – coming to you via FACEBOOK LIVE each day for the next 10 days…..

The QUILT CANDY VITRUAL QUILT SHOW starts today and will be 10 days of about 60 designs (myself included 🙂 ) who will be bringing you fun, FACEBOOK LIVE videos each day from April 1-10, from Noon til 8 p.m. each day – every hour on the hour – for 15 minutes of quilting pleasure!

Facebook Live – each day from Noon til 8 p.m. – on the hour!! 15 minute Trunk Show


Each designer will be selecting some of their favorite quilts and designs to share with you in eash of the videos.

Each day I’ll be posting the day’s list of designers with links to their Facebook pages so that you can click on the links and join in with ease – nothing to looking for – just click on the links that you’ll find here in my blog post.

While I can’t replace all of that, I can provide you with a bit of distraction over the nex

Join me and a whole bunch of my quilting friends as we present virtual trunk shows for your viewing pleasure!  

From April 1 through April 10 12pm EST to 8pm EST, different quilters will present 15 minute trunk shows to you live from their Facebook accounts!  How exciting is that?  See some old favorites, and find some new one!

Here is the schedule of events – so mark your calendar!

12pm EST Andi Stanfield facebook.com/Anditruebluequilts
1pm EST Nancy Scott facebook.com/MasterpieceQ
2pm EST becky jorgensen https://www.facebook.com/patchworkposse/
3pm EST carolina moore facebook.com/alwaysexpectmoore
4pm EST Jackie Kunkel https://www.facebook.com/cantonvillagequiltworks/
5pm EST Connie Jonson Sayler https://www.facebook.com/PacificRimQuiltCompany/
6pm EST Laura Piland/Slice of Pi Quilts  https://www.facebook.com/sliceofpiquilts/
7pm EST Sandra Starley https://www.facebook.com/TextileTimeTravels

8pm EST Swan Sheridan www.facebook.com/swanamitystudios

So, Please grab a cuppa and enjoy the show!!!!!!!

Happy Stitching everyone!!!!!!!


Already day 2 – and we are working our way though the STITCHER’S TRIO Projects…. and we are 1 step closer to completing our STITCHER’S APRON…..


So this morning we’ve trimmed the panel – removing the extra backing fabric from both ends where we attached and secured the last 2 strips… we’ve trimmed the top and bottom of the panel where the selvedges are – and now we are ready to cut out the armhole portions of the apron.

So, to make the armholes, we can use the measurements given in this morning’s video and drawing an arc freehand or using another apron as a possible template. This could work if you do not have a printer to print out the following template. If you do have a printer, you can simply print out the template. Remember to measure the template once you print – the top/shorter straight edge should measure 6-1/2″.

BILL LOCKE DESIGNS – “STITCHER’S TRIO” armhole template for apron

Once you’ve cut the 2 armholes for the apron, the next step is to make the bias binding strips (remember cutting on the diagonal – not straight across the width of your fabric). But…before cutting your binding strips, because to cut a rectangle from the 2nd one yard backing piece that measures 20″ x 34-1/2″….this is the piece that we will need for the completion of our PROJECT PORTFOLIO. Put this aside for later.

For the binding, we you’ll need to make approx. 132″ of continuous binding. cut strips 2-1/4″, joing them together to make 1 piece of binding.

For the straps we need to cut from the backing fabric, the following lengths:

Three strips 2-1/2″ x 35″

One strip 2-1/2″ x 5″

We will work with these tomorrow.

I hope that you are all enjoying your projects…..I look forward to seeing you on FB LIVE tomorrow morning at 11:00 EST.

Happy Stitching!



WOW!!!!!! I have been going to sit and write this post all day – but it’s been such a crazy, hectic day – which of course is a good thing when this is your business….but…I just had to stop for a moment since I didn’t realize how late it was I am still working…it’s 9:51 p.m. on Monday evening…..I need to touch back on today’s tutorial before tomorrow’s session.

So, the FB LIVE this morning with the “STITCHER’S TRIO” Tutorial #1 was wonderful – a great attendance by so many of you – wonderful messages received after the tutorial….I am so excited to be able to share with you like this – and to have you participate in these projects with me.

I wanted to do the tutorial live for a couple of reason – but the main reason that I felt the live video was best was because of this…. so many of us are spending these days alone…many not able to see anyone – for this half hour or so this week….as we are all sharing in these projects, we are live….you are seeing me, I am seeing you all participate with your comments and message…we are a community sharing together and for that instant – we are not alone…and it remind us just that – that we all 1 big stitching family – and as the tutorial ends and you go back to your sewing room to work on your projects, think about that – and remember that well all be back together in the morning.

So, if you are seeing this post for the first time – and missed today’s tutorial…. you can still catch up by heading over to my Facebook page and checking it out. https://www.facebook.com/bill.locke.96

So….I hope that you’ve all had time to finish stitching your 2-1/2″ strips to your background/lining fabric.

I want to mention that once you have all 14 strips sewn down, you will have some area on both ends of the panel that will not have any of the 2-1/2″ strips.

Before moving any further in the project, I want you to hold the panel as if we were an apron – with the strips running vertically, and see if the 14 strips are going to be ok for the width of your apron. The extra on each side is a safeguard so that if you feel you need another stripe or 2 to make it a bit wider, this gives us that advantage to do that now.

If you do need to add a couple of strips, now is the time to add them before you move to the next step.


With the 2-1/2″ strips all sewn in place and pressed open, the 2 outer strips are not stitched along one end. For these 2 strips, we want to stitch along that open edge, stitching the strips to the background fabric, using a scant or even 1/8″ stitch.

Stitch the outer edge of the last 2 strips added to your panel using a scant 1/4″ or 1/8″ seam allowance.

I want to give you a couple of more things to do but I think it would be best that we just leave it at this for this evening – and we can catch up again tomorrow at 11 a.m. where well continue to the next step – we are moving along quite quickly – with this panel almost complete – this is the base of all 3 projects – now it’s a matter of fun assembly – just want and see how much fun we are going to have!

Wishing you all a good night – we’ll see each other tomorrow in virtual class!

Happy Stitching!

“STITCHING WITH BILL” Material List for Mar 30th

Tomorrow, Monday, March 30th will be the first installment of our “STITCHER’S TRIO” Project.

The first of 5 fun stitching days!!!!!!

I want to remind everyone that tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EST (Montreal/New York), (10:00 Pacific, 2:30 Newfoundland), I will be doing a Facebook Live so discuss the beginning of the project and the first steps to mover forward in our fun creative projects.

Meanwhile, I wanted to take a few moments to give you the Material list of what you need to gather for the project; keeping in mind that we will be completing all 3 of the projects in this pattern; the apron, the travel project portfolio and the pin cushion.

The Material list will be giving the day prior to my next Facebook Live so that will have the necessary items ready for the next step in your project.

NOTE: If there is something that is being used that you do not have or cannot find; you can order any of the projects from the Studio.

A reminder that we are working out way though the complete STITCHER’S TRIO Pattern over the next 5 days. It may be possible that some of you may not have all of the materials that I have used for the completion of the projects, but that’s ok. We will do what we can each day; and the FB Live Videos will be uploaded and published each day to Facebook and YouTube so that you can go back and use them has a reference to completely any portion of the project that does not get completed during this week.

Of course, I am always just a message away to answer any of your questions and to provide direction.


14 assorted/Coordinated 2-1/2″ strips + 2 yards of a coordinating fabric

* This is what we’ll be using all week to complete all 3 of our projects.

You will need your 24-1/2 ruler or other long ruler

Quilting pen/pencil


I’m going to be stitching along and making my STITCHER’S TRIO in the KEEPING YOU IN STITCHES JELLY ROLL!!!

“Keeping you in Stitches” Collection by Bill Locke for River’s Bend/Midwest

I’ve broken the projects this week into 5 sessions because I want to have smaller portions of homework for each day – so that everyone can work at a good comfort level; whether beginner, intermediate or advanced….and together we can all work on these fun projects and complete them by the end of the week.

I hope that you’ll join in on the fun….if you are working this week; it is because you are a part of our essential team and for that I do want to take this moment to say a heart felt thank you!


Beginning on Monday, March 30, 2020, I am offering a free, fun stitch-a-long featuring my pattern the “STITCHER’S TRIO”, that will offer 3 fun projects:

Travel Stitching Portfolio
Pin Cushion

I’ll be sharing FB LIVE videos to share tutorials as we work though the projects…..

Monday, March 30th to Friday, April 3rd.
LIVE VIDEO TIME: 1:00 p.m. EST (Montreal/New York)
(10:00 Pacific, 2:30 Newfoundland)

It’s a 5-day stitching party – let’s all have fun and create a gift for ourselves – what a wonderful way to share in some stitchy
isolation time.

NOTE: The pattern is not needed for these tutorials as I’ll be sharing everything with you as we work our way though the project. But, if Patterns are available for $12.00 should there be someone who would like to have a printed version.

If you’d like to carry BILL LOCKE DESIGNS Patterns in your shop, please message me: billlocke@billlockedesigns.com

Island Batik’s “BEAT THE HEAT” Blog Hop

It’s been quite hot here in Montreal these past days and weeks….but the heat of Summer is going farther than the Sun this month – because across the miles and over the big pond, Island Batik Ambassadors whipping up fun projects in new Island Batik Collections in order to showcase these fabulous new fabrics to you in the exciting BEAT THE HEAT Blog Hop.


Be sure to hope over to Island Batik and check out the schedule of the upcoming collections, and get a chance to win some wonderful fabric for your own stitching…how great is that! Just click the link above!!!!!

The collection that I had the privilege of playing with for the Blog Hop was CLOCKWORKS by Kathy Engle. Anyone who knows my favorite color story will know that this collection really spoke to me because when it comes to earthy colors…I’m all over it – and let’s just say YUMMY!!!!!! I knew that I was going to have fun with these.


I played with many an idea; new designs, older ideas….but in the end, I felt that the fabrics were so beautiful – that I really wanted to do something that I loved that would showcase each of the fabrics in the collection. I therefore opted for my favorite quilt pattern of all time..the Log Cabin.

CLOCKWORKS Log Cabin Quilt by Bill Locke, 46″ x 58″

Having had to deal with a broken finger of the last weeks – and still dealing with limited use of the finger; this was the first project that I’ve stitched since that time. But, for the log cabin blocks, I cut 2-1/2″ strips….and guess what…Accuquilt has the perfect die for that with the ACCUQILT GO CUTTER….cut all of your strips quickly and perfectly…and have even more time to quilt. Thank you Accuquilt!!!!!!

As you can see in the quilt, there’s a row of assorted blocks at the top and bottom of the quilt. While making this project to be a nice lap/throw size, I wanted the quilt to be rectangular but I wanted to showcase the center design that I created with the 16 log cabin blocks. Once my blocks were complete, I used all of the remaining fabrics from the collection and created this top and bottom border which I felt brought that extra burst of CLOCKWORKS to this project.

NOTE: All borders and sashing strips are cut 3-1/2″ wide. The assorted blocks at the bottom are 3-1/2″ squares.

For the batting, I’ve selected HOBBS HEIRLOOM NATURAL Cotton Batting…. Thanks HOBBS!!!!

This has been a really fun project and it was so exciting to be a part of ISLAND BATIK’s BEAT THE HEAT BLOG HOP…..

Thank you to ISLAND BATIK, ACCUQUILT and HOBBS BATTING for all of the products used in this creation.